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most popular wifi hack tools
Airfart:Airfart is a powerful tool used for scanning for 802.11 wireless networks around you and calculating their signal strength. It provides signal strength information in the “raw signal” format (ssi_type 3) through the linux-wlan-ng Prism2 driver. You can’t actually recover any passwords through this software, but it is very useful for scanning for wifi networks

Kismet: One of the most widely used wireless network sniffer and intrusion detector. The software works with all the wireless cards that support raw monitoring (rfmon), and can sniff 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, and 802.11n traffic. There are also plugins for Kismet that allow sniffing of other types of media, such as DECT. This is generally a very nice tool to use to sniff wifi traffic.
Aircrack-ng: Aircrack-ng is a 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK password cracking tool. It can capture packets from wireless networks and once enough data packets have been captured, the tool can crack the password. It is much faster than most other WEP cracking tools because it implements FMS attacks together with some optimizations (KoreK attacks, and the all-new PTW attack). It is also a full toolkit for auditing wireless networks with more advanced features.

Backtrack: This is the most powerful solutions for everyone who has a desire to hack wifi networks – it is a linux penetration testing distribution that has the most popular wifi hacking tools available out of the box. This is one of the most complete suites with wifi related software you can get. However it is a bit difficult to navigate through its many different options, as you will need to learn how to work in a linux environment, something that is a bit difficult for general Windows users.

WiFi Rehacker: This is one of the newest programs in the field and probably the most effective and easy to use  This is a software that works automatically and hacks most networks without asking the user to make any advanced settings

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Wireless Network Discovery, Mapping and Traffic Analysis - the "classical" wardriving tools for discovering wireless LANs, positioning them on the map, sniffing, logging and analyzing packets in the air.